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To continue, please switch to the active network “”.

You may do it in your metamask (top right corner), or in your mobile wallet.

Or switch to this one:

It seems that you do not have Metamask
To continue, please install Metamask extension or use barcode to connect to mobile wallet.
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To continue using ETNA bridge, please connect your wallet
Swaping ...
Swap process usually takes no more than few minutes.
Transaction sent!!
Great! Swap ETNA tokens sucsessfuly finished.
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Unfortunately, your swap was failed. Please try again later.
Current bridge allowance #
Swap ETNA from BSC to PolygonPolygon to BSC
BSC Polygon ETNA and NFT balance

Swap process is proceeded in 2 steps:

  • You deposit necessary amount of ETNA to the bridge contract at the source network.
  • Bridge DApp sends correspondent ETNA amount at the target network.

Swap process usually takes no more than few minutes.

set to swap (Swap fee is )
ETNA Network
set etna nft to swap (Swap fee is 1 ETNA)